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prodigal disengaged
either or either or
i called you mom i called you mom
unnoticed, watching youunnoticed, watching you
like theselike these

Who knew how fast the money would go?
What did I spend it on? All I know
is that I was happy.
Now I'm stuck in this job
that daily drains me;
Yesterday hunger overtook me:
I ate the furry sandwich in the company fridge.

How can I come back to you? I left
with arrogant promises:

   I'm young; I deserve to be happy now,
   not when I'm old and you're dead.
   Give me what I deserve now, and
   the return will be ten thousand more!

Where did it all go? How am I left with nothing
but debt to you, and compounding interest
I can never repay?

I balk before my former home, staring at the sky:
I'm not worthy to be called your child.
You're having a party, grilling steaks-
Oh, to be found again
in your house and favor!


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